What are the Best Automatic Shifters?

By | May 14, 2019

What are the Best Automatic Shifters
Automatic shifters are a niche market that caters to vehicle owners that want the most performance from their car or truck.

They shift gears quickly and smoothly giving a driver ultimate control.

While mainly used in drag racing they are often installed into everyday cars to have more control over the transmission.

What are Automatic Shifters?

Automatic shifters let a driver shift gears manually or automatically.

A kit is installed on a car or truck that lets the driver shift gears with a quick pull or slap of the lever.

There is no manual clutch to push in only a handle to pull which quickly sends a transmission into gear.

Is an Automatic Shifter Right for You?

If you are a motor-head into vehicle performance such as headers or other aftermarket parts an automatic shifter is likely for you.

If you are drag racing they are almost a must have for any automatic transmission.

They also look very cool and look impressive especially when in action.

Here we list some of our favorite options for automatic shifters. If you have installed a nice one let us know in the comments below.

Brian’s Garage Picks for Best Automatic Shifters

  1. B&M 80675 StarShifter Automatic Shifter
  2. The StarShifter from B&M ia a very nice option that is also one of the more affordable units.
    What are the Best Automatic Shifters B and M
    I installed one a 73 Omega Nova Clone and it works nicely.

    The car we did the install in, was converted from a manual to an automatic which needed a shifter to change gears.

    The StarShifter was a good fit. I made a video of the install here for anyone looking to see what is involved for an install.

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  3. TCI 616331 Outlaw Shifter
  4. The TCI automatic shifter is a very nice looking unit with a lot of functionality.
    What are the Best Automatic Shifters TCI 616331 Outlaw
    The shifting from 1st to 2nd can be done with a quick slap to the lever.

    Shifting into 3rd gear the handle is pulled with a quick smooth action.

    The kit comes with the brackets and bolts needed for an install.

    The TCI Outlaw is a nice unit that does not disappoint.

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  5. Hurst 3162007
  6. Hurst also makes many good performance products including the Hurst 3162007 automatic transmissions shifter.
    What are the Best Automatic Shifters Hurst
    It is a pistol grip type handle that has a very unique look.

    The Hurst 3162007 is a solid shifter whether on a drag strip or just on the street.

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Using an automatic shifter is a big performance boost over a manufacture transmission shifting mechanism.

They allow a driver to change gears when needed quickly often with a slap to the lever.

This makes the indispensable on the drag strip or any time quick shifting and more control is needed.

With the many kits available there is no-doubt many good units.

Have you found and used an automatic shifter? Let us know in the comments below.

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