Replacing a 2005 Nissan Sentra Blower Motor

By | May 5, 2019

How to replace the blower motor in your 2005 Nissan Sentra. You only need a Phillips screwdriver for this repair.
I have to say, I have replaced a lot of blower motors and this one is about the easiest I have ever done. Should you need to test the blower motor, you will also need a voltmeter and something heavy for tapping. If you know it is the blower motor and not a resistor etc.. then just the screwdriver will fix it. The blower motor is located under the passenger’s side dash behind the glove box.

Tools you will need

I used 4 seasons part, and part number 76957.

Part and part number

One … Remove your glove box. Open your glove box and push one side at a time to release it, at this point you can set it aside.

Two … Take out the two lower screws, this will allow the removal of the access panel covering the blower motor.

Remove 2 lower screws to access panel

There is a clip to the back left of the panel, be sure it drops down before pulling it out of its position.

Release clip

Three … Look under the passenger side dash and up, you will see the pigtail (electric connection) and the blower motor. With the key on, and blower switch turned to high you can use your heavy tool (I chose a large wrench) and tap on the bottom of the blower motor to see if the fan kicks on.

Tap blower motor

Four … Testing the electric connection, unplug the pigtail from your old blower motor and simply touch your red lead to the red wire on your voltmeter and the black to black. If you read no voltage, stop and check fuse and relay. If you read a voltage (amount in the battery) then it is time to remove the blower motor.

Test blower motor with meter

Five … With the pigtail still removed, remove the air duct hose from the car that connects to the blower motor.

Disconnect hose

Six … Remove the three screws holding the blower motor.

Remove 3 screws on blower motor

These 3 screws will be around the outside of the blower motor housing.

Remove the other end of hose

Seven … With the blower motor out, remove the other end of the small hose and place it on your new blower motor.

Connect hose to new motor

Eight … Place the new blower motor back into position and replace the three screws as well as the hose. The hose will just slide on. Next, plug the pigtail back in.

Put in new motor and connect pigtail

Nine … Replace your plastic cover, making sure the rear left side clip went back in properly. Replace the two screws that hold the cover. Now lift the glove box into position and push the sides in, and place it back into position. Open and shut the glove box to ensure it is properly positioned. Turn your key on and blower on high and test the blower motor so that the air is blowing. If you would like to view a video, I have uploaded one to my channel. Click the link below.

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