One Year Review On Creader 6001

By | May 27, 2019

I have seen a bunch of reviews on many OBD readers. But I wanted to do a review on one that I have used for about a year. This way I can explain how it has stood up to the abuse I give my tools and the things I expect out of them.

Creader 6001

First … I plug my Creader 6001 into the OBD port in my Truck. Most obd ports are under the dash on the passenger’s side of the truck. I have used this code reader for a long time and I have seen the ports under the dash on either side of the steering wheel, sometimes near the fuse panel, sometimes in the console and on a 99 Acura behind the ashtray. Locating it should be easy, but you can always refer to your owners manual for help.

OBD Port Location

Second … turn your key to the on position. and the Creader 6001 will light up. One of the other benefits of the Creader 6001 is that your vehicle can actually be running as well. Most obd readers will only light up with the engine off and the key on.

Running As Well

Third … Your Creader 6001 will now retrieve supported data. This process may take a couple of seconds while the code reader is loading the check engine light information. ( codes )

Retrieving Supproted Data

Fourth … Next, I choose to read codes on the Creader 6001.

Reading Codes

Fifth … In some cases, the obd codes are defined by the type of vehicle you are scanning. with most obd readers they will give you a generic code. The Creader 6001 will only show you the codes specific to your vehicle. In this use of the code reader, I was scanning a dodge.

Defined By The Manufacture

Sixth … Here is one of my favorite things about the Creader 6001. I can go to the data stream and see the activity of multiple items. I can not only scan and see a result of a 02 sensor, but I can also test the 02 sensors. you can not do this on all obd scanners. Click on view all items, then scroll to your 02 sensors and read each one of them noting the voltage output.

View All Items

Output Voltage

Seventh … This allows me to see there is no issue with my 02 sensors, now allowing me to troubleshoot. In this senerio I found I was not having an issue with my 02 sensors, I had a bad ground. a few of my other obd readers would have had me replace my 02 sensors, wasting money and time. The Creader paid for itself in this one job.

Eighth … Another one of my favorite thing about the Creader 6001 is in the last 6 months alone I have had to take the vehicle on a drive to determine an issue. the check engine light would not come on until I got it up to about 35 mph. every time I got back to the garage the light would go back off. with the Creader 6001, I simply plug it into the obd port and have a helper drive.

Plugged Into OBD Port

Now with the Creader 6001, I can sit in the passenger’s seat and monitor everything. The Creader 6001 has about a 6-foot cord that allows it to reach to the passenger side. Four other obd readers, I have only come with about a two foot to two and a half foot cord.

Passengers Controls Creader 6001

Here is a video I made showing a step by step process.

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