How to Replace a Chevy Fuel Pump 1997 to 2000

By | May 13, 2019

Replacing a fuel pump on a 1997-2000 Chevy pick-up truck falls in the DIY category for a handy backyard mechanic.

In this post I will explain how to replace a fuel pump on a 1998 Chevy pick-up truck. My how-to video is also at the bottom of the page for a walk through.

Chevy Pick-up I replaced the Fuel Pump On

I do not jack up the truck, or put the truck on a lift. It is much easier to remove the tank from the truck while it is on all 4 tires. I do not pull the bed of the truck. In the past, I have had issues when pulling the bed, from rusted bed bolts that I have to replace, to the wiring of the rear lights. I have loosened bolts and tried tilting the bed, still, it takes much longer than the process I am going to explain here.

First … Place a floor jack under the tank with a piece of wood that will even the pressure on the tank. Having a little amount of gas in the truck will help. I had three-quarters of a tank of fuel, and it still was not an issue with the help of the jack.

Floor Jack Pressure on Tank

Second … Remove the fill neck line. This clamp should be a 5/16 or you can use a flat head screw driver. I prefer to remove this line right behind the fuel fill door, under the truck.

Fuel Fill Hose

Third … Remove the fuel vent line. This line connection will also be a 5/16 or flat head screwdriver. It will be right next to the fill neckline, but it is smaller.

Fuel Vent Line

Fourth … Remove the two saddle bolts, these bolts hold the saddle to the tank. (two straps that hold the tank to the frame) they will be on the side of the tank closest to the driveline.

Saddle Bolts

Fifth … After removing the saddle bolts, use your floor jack to lower the tank. The lines and connections to the tank will be long enough to lower the tank. This will give you access to the fuel pump and sending unit.

Fuel Tank Lines and Connections

Sixth … Unplug the wiring pigtail from the pump. There is a small clip on one side you will need to lift up to remove the pigtail (wiring connection).

Pigtail (Wiring Connection)

Seventh … Using a screwdriver and a hammer, tap the ring counter-clockwise to remove the lock ring from the sending unit.

Fuel Pump Ring Clamp

Eighth … On some later models, you will need to remove the ground from the tank. Some earlier models will have the ground running through the pigtail.

Ground Wire

Ninth … You can now remove the fuel pump and sending unit from the tank. Here is the fuel pump I purchased to install.

Fuel Pump and Sending Unit

Reversing your steps here will allow you to install your new pump. Click on the video below for step by step direction for removing and installing your fuel pump.

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  1. Joel

    So when it comes time to install the new fuel pump, do you have to prime it? Or do you just put the new pump in and it’s ready to go?


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