Chevy Fuel Filter

By | May 13, 2019

I was surprised at how easy it was to replace my Chevy fuel filter the first time that I did it.
The entire process took me about 15 minutes to complete. I used a crescent wrench, a half inch socket, and a 5/8 wrench. (You can use a 13/16 in place of the crescent wrench.)

Tools Needed

First … The fuel filter location is under the vehicle on the passenger side from the front door. It will be located inside the frame, you will be able to see it easily laying on your back and looking up.

Fuel Filter Location

Second … Use a small drip pan and a hand towel, or paper towel, there will be a little fuel that comes out of the lines. Safety goggles will be nice to use to avoid any dripping in your eyes. Using your crescent wrench or your 13/16 wrench, hold the nut that is welded to or part of your filter.

Third … Using your 5/8 wrench disconnect the inlet and outlet lines from the fuel filter, this is where you will drip some fuel so have your drip pan ready.

Inlet and Outlet Lines

Fourth … Using your 1/2 inch socket, remove the mounting bolt to release the fuel filter from the fuel filter strap.

Filter Strap Bolt

Fifth … Replace your filter with the new filter. Noticed the direction of flow on your new filter. The arrow should point to the front of the vehicle. Showing the direction of flow from the tank to the engine compartment.

Flow Direction

Sixth … Replace the fuel filter strap bolt, then replace the two 5/8 lines.

Replace Filter Strap Bolt

Seventh … After you have secured your new filter in place, it is best to prime your new filter. This is done by turning your key to the on position, (key on only, not start position) then off again three to four times.
This will cycle the fuel pump on and off and fill the new filter. Cranking the engine without starting is not good for the engine because it will not get the oil pressure it needs until the engine is running. Priming the pump is necessary to ensure the engine will start as quickly as it can.
Here is a video to explain in detail.

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