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One Year Review On Creader 6001

I have seen a bunch of reviews on many OBD readers. But I wanted to do a review on one that I have used for about a year. This way I can explain how it has stood up to the abuse I give my tools and the things I expect out of them. Creader 6001… Read More »

How to Determine if Your Radiator Cap is Bad

Step by step instructions to determine if your radiator cap is bad. This is very easy! Radiator Cap First … You will see white residue under the cap and on the reservoir and or radiator. The white residue is from the bad cap allowing air into the system and water out during evaporation. The more… Read More »

What are the Best Automatic Shifters?

Automatic shifters are a niche market that caters to vehicle owners that want the most performance from their car or truck. They shift gears quickly and smoothly giving a driver ultimate control. While mainly used in drag racing they are often installed into everyday cars to have more control over the transmission. What are Automatic… Read More »

How To Test a Motorcycle Coil

How to test a motorcycle coil. You can perform this test while the coil is on or off the bike. No key on is required. The only tools you will need is a voltmeter that can read ohms and a screwdriver. Most voltmeters do. First, make sure there is no spark and it’s not a… Read More »

Replacing a 2005 Nissan Sentra Blower Motor

How to replace the blower motor in your 2005 Nissan Sentra. You only need a Phillips screwdriver for this repair. I have to say, I have replaced a lot of blower motors and this one is about the easiest I have ever done. Should you need to test the blower motor, you will also need… Read More »