2005 Dodge 1500 Transmission Fluid and Filter Change

By | May 14, 2019

Here’s step by step directions on how to change the transmission fluid and filters on your 2005 Dodge 1500.

Dodge 1500

Step One … Remove half of the transmission bolts, this will allow the fliud to drain so the pan is not too heavy. Place your drain pan beneath the transmission and allow the fluid to drain as much as possible before removing the rest of the bolts.

Draining Fliud

Large Drip Pan

Step Two … After removing the transmission pan, remove the round filter by unscrewing clockwise.

Install New Round Filter

Step Three … Remove the T25 torque screw from the flat filter. Pull on the opposite side of the filter to remove it.

Remove T25

Step Four … Be sure to check if the flat filter seal is still in the transmission. If the flat filter seal is still in the transmission, use a flat screwdriver to remove the seal.

Pull out Seal

Step Five … Replace the round filter, be sure to wipe a little transmission on the seal of the round filter.

Rub Fluid Around Seal

Step Six … Replace the flat filter. Be sure to put the seal in and replace the T 25 screw.

Install New Flat Filter

Step Seven … Clean the transmission gasket area so that the surface is free of any oil and debris.

Cleaned Area

Step Eight … Clean the transmission pan gasket area so that it is free of any oil and debris.

Clean the Gasket Area

Step Nine … Make sure that the bolt holes are not concaved. Flip the pan over on a flat surface, place a socket that is larger than the bolt hole over the hole, and smack the socket with a hammer. This will ensure that the bolt hole surface is flat so that the gasket can seal properly.

Ping the Pan

Step Ten … Place the new gasket over the pan.

Place New Gasket On

Step Eleven … Place the bolts in the new gasket through the pan.

New Gasket Installed

Step Twelve … Thread the bolts approximately three times each all around the pan before tightening all the bolts. Tighten one bolt on either side of the pan so that it snugs the pan to the transmission. Now tighten the rest of the bolts. Do not over tighten the bolts, if the pan gasket starts to smash, stop. It is tight enough.

Tighten Transmission Pan Bolts

Step Thirteen … Add 4.7 quarts of transmission fluid through the transmission dip stick hole. Then start your vehicle, put it in reverse, then put it in drive, then finally put it back into park. Recheck your transmission fluid level and add fluid if necessary.

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