How To Change the Oil 2002 Dodge Dakota 3.9 Liter

By | May 5, 2019

I am changing the oil on a 2002 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9-liter engine. For this repair, I chose the S16 STP brand oil filter, and the STP 5W30 STP oil.

New oil filter STP S16

One … Slide the drain pan under your truck, placing it under or near the oil pan. Using a 16 mm wrench, loosen the oil drain bolt counterclockwise and remove the bolt.

Oil pan drain bolt

Allow the oil to continue to drain while we go to the next step.

Two … Using a oil filter wrench (I like the open ended style for this truck, because there is so much in the way and the wrench will need to be on a bit of a angle) loosen and remove the oil filter.

Oil filter wrench

Oil filter

Three … Dispose of the old oil filter. Using oil from your hand, or old oil from the pan, wipe some of it on your new filter seal. This will help it from drying out and leaking.

Wipe seal with oil on new oil filter

Four … Replace the new oil filter hand tight plus about a quarter turn.

Five … Now that your oil filter is secure, your oil should have completely drained by now. Replace your drain nut and tighten securely with your 16 mm wrench.

Replace drain bolt

Six … You are now done under the truck, you can slide your drain pan out of the way. Go back to the top of your engine and locate the oil fill cap, then remove it.

Remove oil fill cap

Seven … With the oil cap from your valve cover removed, pour in 4 quarts of oil.

Pour in 4 quarts of oil

Eight … With the oil cap back on the valve cover, start the truck and let run for about 10 seconds. Shut your vehicle off and allow a minute for the oil to drain back into the oil pan. Now check your oil using your dipstick and add oil if needed.

Replace oil fill cap

I have made a video of this process if needed. Click the link below.

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