One Year Review On Creader 6001

I have seen a bunch of reviews on many OBD readers. But I wanted to do a review on one that I have used for about a year. This way I can explain how it has stood up to the abuse I give my tools and the things I expect out of them. Creader 6001… Read More »

How to Determine if Your Radiator Cap is Bad

Step by step instructions to determine if your radiator cap is bad. This is very easy! Radiator Cap First … You will see white residue under the cap and on the reservoir and or radiator. The white residue is from the bad cap allowing air into the system and water out during evaporation. The more… Read More »

What are the Best Automatic Shifters?

Automatic shifters are a niche market that caters to vehicle owners that want the most performance from their car or truck. They shift gears quickly and smoothly giving a driver ultimate control. While mainly used in drag racing they are often installed into everyday cars to have more control over the transmission. What are Automatic… Read More »

Chevy Fuel Filter

I was surprised at how easy it was to replace my Chevy fuel filter the first time that I did it. The entire process took me about 15 minutes to complete. I used a crescent wrench, a half inch socket, and a 5/8 wrench. (You can use a 13/16 in place of the crescent wrench.)… Read More »

Nonchargeable Batteries Recharged: 18 volt

I have learned how to bring some of those power tool batteries back to life. Do not throw them out just yet. When we are told that these batteries are rechargeable sometimes we assume they always will be. If your anything like me, you find out that they are sometimes not. I noticed some friends… Read More »

How to Find the Best OBDII Scan Tool for Your Volkswagen

Having a good OBDII scan tool can go a long way to help troubleshoot problems with a vehicle. Volkswagen’s 1996 and newer all have an OBDII port to tap into with a scan tool which will read and clear engine codes and more. Most any low-cost scan tool will read the basic codes but will… Read More »